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Swornegacie lake

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Tucheler Heath
Nature reserve
"Tucheler Heath"

Stone rings
Stone rings of Odry

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Attractions in
Swornegacie and its surrounding area

(Touristic) sights

▪ Neo-baroque modernistic church of the Saint Barbara from 1912 with the polichromy of the Drapiewscy brothers` authorship
▪ Here existed a wooden, folkloristically furnished church from 1742 which was transferred to the Kashubic- ethnographical park in Wdzydze Kiszewskie
Lakes: Karsiñskie & Witoczno
River Brda
▪ Konitz (Chojnice): historic Old Town, old churches, historic-ethnographic museum
Tucheler Heath - national park, with an abundance of heath settlemants, surrounded by 7 lakes, among them is beautiful Lake Ostrowite
Archeological-scientific reserve in Lesno
Crusader`s castle in Malbork
Aqueduct in Fojutow near Woziwody
Museum "Kashubian Cottage" in Brusy Jaglie 

holiday in Swornegacie
Route and city maps
of Poland

Festivals & Events

International Folklore Festival 

"Day of the Kashubic cutlure"

▪ Fun fairs

Expositions of folkloristic handicrafts Bread-baking in Widno 

▪ Day of the Kashubic cuisine 

▪ Beach festivals on Saturdays
Dog Shows Kashubic rowing regatta with aim to capture the cup namend Boleslawa Drewka

▪ Fishing competitions
▪ Sailing regatta
▪ Festival of the sailor`s song
▪ Bread`s day
▪ Harvest festival in Swornegacie
▪ Dancing festivals
▪ Year end closing: "New Year`s Eve"